One (long-shot) strategy for joint sponsorship

Family petitioners with limited resources often find themselves in need of an additional "joint sponsor" to meet the financial sponsorship level required for the I-864. Usually the petitioner will approach other family members or friends. The only legal requirements are that the person be a citizen or permanent resident living in the US. But here's one approach to finding a joint sponsor that I saw for the first time today: post a Craigslist ad. The following ad was posted on the Eugene Craigslist page:

Affidavit of support co-sponser needed

 I know this is a long shot but I have tried everything else, so I have decided to come here to see if I can find someone with a good heart that is willing to help my family. My husband is a nigerian citizen and we are trying very hard to get him here with his family where he belongs. Our son misses his father dearly and the struggles of being the only parent in the home is getting overwhelming. I work full time and go to school but I still don't make enough to petition for my husband on my own. Please I beg if you are willing to help and make over 125% of the poverty guideline please contact me by responding to this ad for more details.


Certainly this shows the challenging situation of someone struggling to meet the financial sponsorship requirements of the I-864. It's also important to recognize what this person is asking from a stranger. I-864 sponsorship lasts potentially indefinitely. Folks can - and should - helps others when they can. But it's important not to think the I-864 is "just" an immigration form. It's a binding legal contract and needs to be treated with caution.