The following examples describe cases we have handled for former clients. Each case is unique, and our past success on one case does not guarantee an outcome in any future case. 


$10,000 + 30 months of support at $1,200/month 

Our client was an Indian national from Lucknow. After coming to the United States her relationship with her husband quickly became abusive and she fled the household. After moving into her brother's household our client found herself with no means to support herself. 

We filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of our client. Shortly after filing, we were able to negotiate a favorable resolution with our client's husband. He agreed to a lump payment of $10,000, and to make ongoing support payments for a period of 30 months. 



Our client was an Indian national. After her relationship deteriorated, her husband filed for divorce. Following the divorce, we represented the client in a lawsuit against her husband in Washington State Superior Court. The case went through discovery and motion practice. We filed and won a motion for summary judgment against the defendant for $108,000, including over $50,000 in legal fees. 


$30,000 lump sum payment from joint sponsor. 

Our client immigrated on a marriage-based visa from France. After she was abandoned by her husband she faced the possibility of eviction because she had almost no resources left. We represented our client in settlement negotiations against her Form I-864 joint sponsor, who was a friend of her husbands. Before needing to file a lawsuit, we were able to negotiate a lump sum settlement in the amount of $30,000.