Contact us to see if you qualify for support under the I-864.

Use the form below to get started on a free, confidential assessment of your case. Our attorneys will analyze whether you have a potential claim under the Form I-864. Don't want to disclose your name? Submit an anonymous question here

Before speaking to you we are required to ensure that we have no prior relationship with your sponsor.

What does it cost?

We charge no up-front fee to our clients. There is no cost for initial case assessments, and we do not charge for consultations. If we are able to offer to serve as your attorneys we work on a "contingent fee" basis. That means we get paid only if we recover financial support for you.

Consultations with our attorneys are confidential. We are a private law firm and not a government agency. Your information will not be shared with the government and we will not contact your I-864 sponsor except with your permission. 

How we work with new clients.

  • Before we review your case, we are required to ensure that we do not have a conflict. Simply use the contact form on this page to submit the name of your immigration sponsor.
  • Case history questionnaire. Once we confirm that we do not have a conflict, we will send you an online case history questionnaire. The form may be completed online using your personal computer, iPad or phone. Our questionnaire asks for background about your situation that will help our legal team determine whether you may be entitled to support.
  • Personal consultation. If we determine that you may have a claim to I-864 support, we will schedule you for a personal consultation with one of our lawyers. Depending on your location we may be able to off an in-person consultation, phone consultation, or web cam consultation.
  • Formal representation agreement. After your consultation, we will determine whether we can offer to represent yo in your case. If we are able to offer legal represenation, we will send you a formal agreement outlining the terms of our service. If you choose to hire our team simply sign the agreement electronically and we will begin work on your case immediately.