Client homework

Thank you for retaining Immigration Support Advocates as your law firm. By now you should have received a welcome email from our managing attorney describing the steps needed to get started on your case. This web page contains the questionnaire forms and other links described in that welcome email. Refer to this page as you complete the initial "homework" that will help us begin our work on your case. 


Income and living situation questionnaire

In order to calculate the support that is owed to you we need to understand your residential history and income since becoming a lawful permanent resident (green card holder). This questionnaire will ask you to provide that information on a month-by-month basis since you became a U.S. resident.

This questionnaire will be transmitted to you from our client intake system - please contact your attorney if you have not yet received the questionnaire.


Freedom of information act (FOIA) questionnaire

As a standard part of our case-opening process we request a full copy of our client's immigration file. There is no cost to making this request, and the information is important in the event a lawsuit is required. Please complete the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) questionnaire so that we can draft an official request on your behalf.


Social Security statement

To help document your work history - or lack of work history - please provide a Social Security statement. These statements may be requested free of charge from the Social Security Administration. The easiest way to access the statement is through creating a free account on the SSA's website (see link below). Alternatively you may go in person to your local SSA office.


Defendant income/asset questionnaire

If we are required to file a lawsuit against your sponsor we may need to use collection mechanisms to secure payment from the sponsor. These mechanisms may include wage or bank garnishment or forfeiture of assets. In order to begin assessing our options we ask that you complete this questionnaire so that we can better understand the defendant's financial situation.